Bayer's Levitra vs. Pfizer's Viagra: Drug Comparison


Levitra works essentially the same way as Viagra. Both have similar side effects as well. No controlled studies have yet been done comparing Levitra directly with Viagra, so it is difficult to compare features. However, here is an overview of some of the issues:


Levitra Pros:

  • May work faster in some men (30 minutes compared to 60 minutes)
  • May be more effective even on a full stomach (but still slowed by very fatty meals)
  • Less likely to have visual disturbance side effect (Viagra sometimes causes a bluish tint to vision, a harmless side effect that wears off along with the drug)

Viagra Pros:

  • Extremely well-tested drug. Viagra has been taken by millions of people worldwide. Levitra is a newer drug that has not been used by as many people.

Common Ground:

  • Effective in about the same percentage of people (about 80%)
  • Work essentially in the same way
  • Have similar side effects
  • About the same price
  • Last about the same amount of time (3-4 hours)