Do I need a prescription to buy Viagra? How do I order online?


Sildenafil citrate (generic or brand name) is a prescription medication.
This means a prescription is required by law to buy any type of Viagra. Luckily, getting a Viagra prescription is fast and easy! Most suppliers offer private online medical consultations for free!


Here's how it works:

Once you decide on a Viagra supplier, you will be asked to answer an online medical questionnaire. In it, you will provide information relevant to your medical condition requiring the use of Viagra.

A licensed US physician will then review the information you have submitted. Based soley upon the information you have provided, they will either approve or decline your request to buy Viagra.

If your Viagra order is approved, the physician will write a Viagra prescription and place an order with the pharmacy. It will be then be filled and shipped via FedEX -or- UPS Next Day Air. Your Viagra prescription will include information explaining the usage, dose, and precautionary information for Viagra. You will also receive contact information for the pharmacist in case you have any questions.