How do I choose the best online Viagra suppliers?


It seems as though everybody and their brother is selling Viagra these days. With thousands of sites, and hundreds of suppliers, how do you choose the right one? How you can save money and still get the highest quality product?

Factors to Consider:

Only buy from reputable suppliers:
The sites listed on are all reliable online Viagra suppliers. Each process hundreds of prescriptions per week!

Make sure that all doctor's consultations are with licensed US physicians and all prescription drugs are delivered by licensed US pharmacies. Does the site offer a toll free number or online support services? These are all good signs of a high quality online Viagra supplier.

Also, be sure to check with the BBB if you have any concerns about a supplier. If they are not registered-- DO NOT BUY! (All sites listed on are registered with the BBB)

Only buy over secure connections:
All the suppliers listed on our site use Secure Servers and the latest encryption technology to protect your credit card transactions. Don't be the victim of internet scams or identity theft! If a site is not secure-- DO NOT BUY!

Other Factors to Consider:

Sales prices:
Compare supplier sales prices. Many suppliers claim to sell cheap Viagra or "discount Viagra". Beware of gimmicks and misleading advertising. Look at the total cost, including consultation and delivery. Beware of free or "cheap Viagra" which may include hidden fees late in the ordering process.

Refill prices:
Some pharmacies discount the cost of the first purchase and then charge higher rates for refill purchases. If you want to regularly order Viagra, save money by considering how much you will save in future refills. All companies on our site offer both cheap initial purchases and refill prices. Some (like ViaMedic), actually drop prices when you return for refills!